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  • Final entry date 1st April 2009
  • Entry forms to be completed to assist in communications



  • 18 hole matchplay from yellow tees
  • “All Square” after 18 holes results in a sudden-death situation, commencing from where the match first started
  • Final date for completion of each match shall be the day before the society event at which the next draw shall be undertaken.  KNOCKOUT CUP GAMES MAY ONLY BE PLAYED ON SOCIETY DAYS AS A LAST RESORT, AFTER DISCUSSION WITH AND APPROVAL FROM THE COMMITTEE 
  • Results to OJ via text or Email please (link will be placed on website)
  • Final to be played on a neutral course, nominated by another Society Member
  • Handicaps to be calculated on the basis of three quarters difference between official Society Handicaps (current at the time of match).



  • First draw to be undertaken on 1st April 2009
  • Winners will be placed into further draws to be undertaken at next society event presentation (number of rounds depending)
  • First player drawn in each match will determine venue


Dispute Resolution

  • If any match is not played, both players may be disqualified
  • Should any Member have a case for claiming the match, please submit your case to OJ for the Committee’s discussion
  • The Committee’s decision shall remain final
  • In the event of a Member of the Committee being involved in a dispute, a neutral Member shall be asked for involvement in obtaining a third party decision.

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